Joseph O’Connor
Joseph O’Connor

Years ago, Joseph O’Connor was a student studying business administration at university. Like many others, Joseph had always dreamed of running his own business as an entrepreneur. Until last year, he was never sure about what he would be passionate enough about in order to pursue as his business.

By chance, he had found out about cryptocurrency and how it could be analyzed and traded in order to make a profit over the internet.

For many people, this would seem like an odd thing to do due to the unique and very new nature of cryptocurrency. Being a technologically adept student, Joseph jumped at the idea and delved into deep reading about the trading and analysis of cryptocurrency and its associated market. Throughout his reading, he would begin to save money per week in order to invest a moderate amount of money into the market, which he believed showed great promise for return.

After his initial investment into various cryptocurrencies including the well-known Bitcoin and Dogecoin, he would constantly monitor the market on his phone and its increases and decreases, primarily due to the volatile nature of cryptocurrency. It was not uncommon to see huge rises in the price of stock, before seeing huge decreases a day later. For these reasons, Joseph had to stay vigilant in his monitoring of the market to protect his investment. Through various investments and smart decisions in when to sell his stock, he would go on to make a substantial amount of money from the market, better than most who decide to go into the cryptocurrency market.

Finally, Joseph had found his passion.

From here on, he would go on to form a consultation business online for businesses looking to learn more about cryptocurrency and possibly even implement it as a payment option. This comes on the wave of popularity that cryptocurrency would receive, with many businesses choosing to implement payment through cryptocurrency, especially those with customer bases who would prefer to be discreet. Joseph’s superior knowledge of cryptocurrency amazed many business owners who would recommend his services to others, and thus his reputation and client base grew significantly.

To this day, his growth has slowed down as has cryptocurrency’s popularity in general, however he still is finding success and much more than many at his age. He continues to trade regularly in cryptocurrency, but is looking to branch out into other forms of investment markets.