A global association of the researchers is on their way to manage a highly ambitious project. It is aimed at sequencing genomes of almost all complex life processes existing on the planets.

The initiative will first analyze and then catalog the DNA sequencing of the entire Eukaryotic family. Eukaryotes belong to the Eukaryota domain, wherein the members possess a nucleus encircled by the nuclear membrane.

The Eukaryotic genome-sequencing project is named as the Earth Biogenome Project (EBP). Twenty-four interdisciplinary scientists who excel in the domains of the Genome Sequencing will execute the project. The team has figured out a research flow for the entire project to function swiftly and the roadmap for its execution in a research paper. The research paper has been published in Proceedings of the National Academy of the Scientist Journal.

Future Prospects of the Project:

The scientists assure that the Earth Biogenome Project is targeted for the next innovational research horizons in the frontiers of the medicine, agriculture, technology, genomics and other related fields.

The project is assumed to exhibit millions of the unknown members of the Eukaryotic family.

The Earth Biogenome Project is being compared with the Human Genome Project. The Human Genome Project scheduled from 1990 to 2003 was aimed at mapping the entire Human Genome. While the costing for the Human Genome Project reached 3.8 billion dollars, it is expected that the Earth Biogenome Project will not cost anything less than 4.7 billion dollars.

Gene Robinson quotes, “The greatest legacy of the EBP will be a complete digital library of life that will guide the future discoveries for generations.” Robinson is a project leader at the Earth Biogenome Project. He is also an Entomology professor at the Illinois University.

It is going to drive the Biogenome research field one-step ahead to imbibe the core research ideas in the young research minds.

We all wish and pray for the entire Earth Biogenome Project team, a massive success in all their future endeavors!