We all have witnessed the allure of natural events ranging from the Eta Aquarids meteor shower to the Full Flower Moon in the month of May. They received the title of stunning astronomical events of May 2018. Perhaps, many of us might have missed the same. No worries! The month of June has got something in store for you. Let us begin our journey through the celestial events scheduled to mark their presence in the rainy month of June.

To list a few, the month of June will exhibit the celestial displays of a new moon, Saturn’s stunning appearance on the dice, and a lavish Strawberry moon. These are just a glimpse of few events the galaxy has planned to bless us with this June. Moreover, a cherry on the cake is that most of these celestial events will be visible to the eyes without the need of a telescope. Isn’t it amazing? So, what are you waiting for? Grab a marker and note down the important dates and the corresponding celestial exhibits.

The first celestial event will be a new moon. The first new moon of June will mark its presence on the thirteenth day of June. This new moon will be on the same side of the Earth where the sun is present. If you want to witness the disappearing phenomenon of the new moon, look at the sky at around 19:44 UTC. As it will be a new moon day, the moonlight will be absent, and hence the fortunate people may locate the presence of galaxies and the clusters of stars.

The new event of June is the June Solstice. The June Solstice will mark its presence on the twenty-first day of June at about 10:00 UTC. This is the time when the North Pole will make a shift towards the Sun. Meanwhile, the Sun might have reached its northernmost location in the sky. The northernmost position of the Sun is located over the Tropic of Cancer.

If you want to have a glimpse of Saturn, mark the twenty-seventh day of June in your calendar. On this day, the Saturn will be at its closest distance to the Earth and illuminated by the Sun. This will be best viewed with a medium-sized telescope so that the Saturn’s rings appear brighter and visible.

The Strawberry moon phenomenon will fall on the twentieth day of June as a full moon will be located on the side opposite to the location of Sun concerning Earth.

Hope you enjoy the celestial events lined up in the month of June.