Not-for-profit agency International Medical Aid (IMA) is changing the lives of pre-med students and ensuring that they develop well-rounded and fulfilling careers by offering them the chance to undertake overseas internships in prominent international hospitals. IMA recognises that for pre-med students, practical experience can be the crucial element for ensuring that they enter the workforce as highly skilled healthcare providers.

Founded by two John Hopkins University alumni, IMA has developed partnerships with a vast global network of hospitals in which students are able to undertake an internship. Currently, IMA offers placements in communities throughout East Africa, South America and the Caribbean. These hospitals give interns the chance to put their knowledge to the test and provide them with the opportunity for a hands-on experience of healthcare.

IMA’s main focus is upholding ethical standards to ensure that the program is mutually beneficial for both the interns and for the communities that they are delivering medical care to. IMA works closely with the local communities in which their services are delivered to develop community-led programs that aim to combat the root causes of illness and disease. The medical clinics that IMA provide to these underserved communities allow interns to make a meaningful impact on the lives of those who are in urgent need of medical care.

The internship program attracts a wide array of people each year and, although IMA’s primary focus is pre-med students, is undertaken by medical students, nurses, physicians and doctors alike. IMA is a trusted provider and their work is globally recognized as having a unique and dynamic approach that is extremely rewarding for medical practitioners and students from any background and experience level.

Each of IMA’s programs involves rigorous training modules that prepare volunteers and interns for their experience abroad. These modules are dependent on the region to which the intern is travelling and the field of medicine that they work in. IMA’s internships cover almost every medical field from nursing to dentistry to mental health care and carefully develop each placement to suit the needs of these fields. Dedicated and experienced mentors join the interns on their travels to ensure that they are adequately guided through the experience. IMA ensures that there is also consistent support provided by staff back in the US.

Intern safety is of prime concern to IMA. All interns and volunteers ae housed within gated communities that are patrolled by security 24/7. Accident and travel insurance is also included in each program at no additional cost.

On top of this valuable experience, IMA also provides interns with the exciting opportunity to sight-see and visit local attractions while they are abroad. An admissions consulting service is also on offer to allow interns to leverage the experience they have gained when preparing their applications to medical school.

IMA’s internship programs provide students with incredible opportunities to start putting their knowledge into practice and make an impact within their field and within the communities they serve.