Liam Mroz

At just 12 years old, Liam Mroz stands out in the crowded field of young entrepreneurs. As the founder of Space Nuggy, a brand that designs upscale clothing for babies and grown-ups, Liam has taken a path less traveled by his peers. While many budding entrepreneurs aim to create the next cool item among their friends, Liam has strategically used his experience and thorough market research to target parents, a demographic that not only can afford his products but also values the story behind them. I was lucky to have the opportunity to interview Liam and hear about his entrepreneurial journey and vision for the future of his company.

Liam Mroz

Jane: According to Harvard Business Review, the average age of an entrepreneur is 45 years old. At just 12 years old, you are way ahead of the curve. Is Space Nuggy your first business venture?

Liam: I actually started my first business when I was 6 years old. I was really into collecting and cracking open geode rocks. I asked my family to help my brother and me make a video about the business. When we sold the geodes, we signed certificates that came with each one. I think our customers really appreciated the little touches. It was hard dealing with the packaging and shipping though, which is something I thought about when starting Space Nuggy.

Jane: The space Nuggy logo says, “People act hard on the outside but are really soft on the inside.” What does this mean to you?

Liam: When I think about the Space Nuggy logo, it reminds me of how sometimes people, like bullies, might act tough on the outside but inside they’re really soft and nice. I always try to look for the best in everyone.

Jane: What kind of products do you sell and who is your target market and why?

Space Nuggy

Liam: At first, I thought about selling my Space Nuggy shirts to my friends, but I noticed they didn’t really have enough money to buy them even though my brand is relatively less expensive. My hoodies are $40 and the big brands like Goat USA are $65 and are made of the exact same materials as mine.  So, I started focusing on parents with babies and older people instead. Babies look super cute in funny and silly outfits, and that’s exactly what Space Nuggy is all about! Kids my age usually don’t like the logo because they want to look cool and wear what everyone else is wearing. They’re trying to fit in by acting tough. But these sweatshirts are about showing off what makes you unique. Babies and older people are more into just being themselves, and that’s why I think they’re the perfect customers for my clothes.

Jane: What is a difficulty you’ve run into during the creation of your business?

Space Nuggy

Liam: One problem I ran into was setting up my Shopify store. It didn’t work at first, and we had to restart everything because they shut it down due to my age. Then my uncle helped me by setting it up in his name. It was really frustrating, but it is a good lesson that things don’t always work out as an entrepreneur. Another big issue was with the bank account; the profits weren’t coming through which was a huge problem. But now, we’ve got that all figured out.

Jane: I love the logo. How did you make it?

Liam: I used this cool artificial intelligence program called Dalle to help design the logo. I kept typing in prompts like ‘a cute chicken nugget in space’ until I got one that I really liked. After that, I used Canva to make some edits and finalize it.

Jane: What’s your favorite subject in school?

Liam: Gym. Because I can see my friends and have fun.

Jane: What entrepreneur do you look up to and why?

Liam: I actually learned how to run my business by watching entrepreneurs on YouTube. I saw these people making a lot of money, and it made me wish I could do that too. I learned a lot from these YouTubers—they really inspired me to start my own business and showed me how it could be done.

Jane: Speaking of your business model, how does it work and how is it different from your geode business when you were 6?

Space NuggyLiam: Space Nuggy is a print-on-demand business model, which I learned from those entrepreneurs on Youtube. Okay, so: first, I set up my Shopify store. Then, I set up this app called Printify, and I design all my clothing there, and then it lists the product on Shopify. I set my profit margin rate, and they take care of all of the backend work, so I never have to handle the product. I get to focus on marketing, which is my favorite part of running a business. I learned from the geode business that it was hard to package and ship the product. This is so much easier.

Jane: If you could have any celebrity buy a Space Nuggy onesie for their child, who would it be and why?

Liam: I don’t really want to target famous people. I just want people to buy my products if it will make them happy.

Jane: Thank you so much, Liam! Is there anything else you want our readers to know?

Liam: I want kids my age to visit the store to be inspired, and say, “Oh wow! If Liam can do it and he’s my age or younger, then why can’t I do it too.” I hope they get inspired and do their own business and do super well.

Jane: Okay final question Liam, what’s your favorite food?

Liam: Chicken nuggets!

You can shop for all of Liam’s products at the Space Nuggy store: (use code spacenuggy for 10% off!)