Chef Cristian Marino, 39, is a man of multitudes. He both contains them and is also contained by them. One of Italy’s best-known chefs, he brings to you the taste of food from around the world especially Italy and is redefining fine dining, setting trends by rustling up innovative Italian dishes that reflect his cutting-edge preparation as well as the influences of global cuisine on his style of cooking Italian fares.

As a chef, an Instagram personality, a food connoisseur, The Gastronaut, which explores global trends in Italian food, Chef Cristian’s journey as a food enthusiast and as a chef is really a replete with many milestones.

A collector of culinary traditions from around the world, Chef Cristian has truly delved into the eating habits of people across different cultures. Now, he has fingers on the pulse of the gourmets and knows what should be on their menu, whether they are relishing delicious Italian fares or healthy, vegetarian items.

Setting Sail

Cristian Marino

Chef Cristian’s foray into the fascinating world of food industry started pretty early. As a child, he’d often wander into the kitchen of his parents’ in Calabria, Italy. “I always loved food, and I learnt very early that I wanted to take this as a profession. In my family, everyone are great cooks. Moreover, we were always surrounded by good food. When I look back, I realise that all of these must have been the reasons behind my love for good food,” says Cristian.

Having recognised his passion for food early on, he graduated from the prestigious institute ” Erminio Maggia ” hotel school in Stresa on the shore of the Maggiore Lake. And then it was time to go out into the world and set sail to pursue his dream.

Dive into Cristian Marino’s new book which explains the 365 days of pandemic experienced by him

Cristian Marino knows one of the biggest obstacles that home cooks face isn’t the drudgery of doing shopping, the chore of chopping or the mess of washing up. It’s actually the delivery apps we use in our daily lives.

What he calls the Digitalization of the food industry has led to the tired families just ordering dinner for delivery or pickup. “It’s never been easier to fix that urge for food all from an application,” Cristian said.

Cristian is hoping to inspire home cooks with his new book, ‘The “Recipes” of my Smile’, which he also calls his most reader-focused cookbook yet. Cristian promises maximum flavor and for minimum effort.

“If I can write a recipe that is delicious and could give you lots of choice and excitement and I know that you’ve probably got the ingredients in your fridge already, but that has to be pretty powerful,” the Italian chef said.

The book is based on a global pandemic, and Cristian hopes it offers the beleaguered home cooks more options than before.

Cristian is a realist. “Mine is pure personal testimony of the benefits I have had during the year thanks to three simple habits:

1 A balanced diet
2 No Alcoholic drinks
3 A little of physical activity in my daily routine (No hard work)

Which helped me stay calm, keep an optimistic outlook on life and then focus on reinventing myself once again in my work,” he said.

Cristian Marino

Cristian wrote about his journey spent in the last 12 months (during the pandemic year) across countries like Indonesia, Kuala Lumpur, Bucharest, Dubai and Calabria. Along with that, he has also mentioned the 12 recipes that he had cooked during the quarantine period which was wholly spent in Bucharest.

Cristian also wrote about ‘optimistic approach to life’, which has helped him to overcome an unpleasant situation experienced as a victim of human rights violations at Kuala Lumpur Airport.

He says that he feels elated to share his full story through his new book that is now available on Amazon and is praised by everyone.

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