Scott Hughes
Scott Hughes

The internet is a strange and wonderful platform in many respects – while it can be a divisive landscape when discussing elements of society that are intrinsically polarizing, Scott Hughes has managed to find a channel and avenue that is wholesome and inspiring for anyone who joins him.

Scott Hughes is the creator and president of the, an organization that has embedded roots in the literature community and has acted as a safe haven for booklovers and writing fanatics to congregate online and discuss their passions and opinions. While this concept is not entirely groundbreakingly new, the approach and execution of the has shades of authentic sweetness peppered on each page.

It’s a free community, more importantly, a diverse and welcoming community – which in itself is a rarity in certain respects. Avid readers from around the globe are not beholden to the same 12 people they see in their local book clubs, instead opening up a treasure trove of like-minded (sometimes respectfully disagreeing) readers from around the world, opening up an infinite number of new perspectives.

Not Your Average Book Club

Scott Hughes was not looking to create a cookie-cutter site and community, putting in endless hours of management and organization to allow the greatest number of people to come together with ease. The is not your average book club either, with members being able to communicate and discuss a great number of titles at any given time, negating the monthly grind of pushing through a book you didn’t intend on reading for your local alternative.

The openness and freedom to choose the stories that appeal to the reader has made for some excellent conversations and perspectives to flourish and remain ongoing as more people throw in their two cents on the story at hand.

Scott Hughes is also quite the philanthropic and charitable sort – as his recent sleepout fundraiser went on to a rousing success. The community of the Online Book Club got in behind him and supported his campaign that contributed a sizeable donation towards homelessness awareness. The challenge was no small feat either, sleeping rough for a cool East Coast November evening is likely to chatter the teeth of anyone imagining the blistering temperatures that you’d need to endure.

We’re always excited to see what Scott Hughes and the wonderful community of the Online Book Club bring forth, especially as we look forward to 2022.

You can follow Scott Hughes at his Facebook page or on Instagram at @scott_hughes.