histar Splash Pads

Splash pads and water parks add a lot of value to communities. They encourage physical exercise for the whole family, entice kids and adults alike to go outside in a digital age, and provide a safer aquatic experience than a pool that produces slip hazards, drowning hazards, and more.

However, they’re also logistically complicated, and without the right team behind its construction, a splash pad can end up being a financial problem and public safety risk.

That’s where splash pad and water park manufacturer Histar is innovating and elevating the water park scene. They’ve made it easy for municipalities, private companies, and more to build high-end water attractions without all the risk and worries.

Here are some of the ways Histar is changing the way the world looks at water attractions.

Start-to-Finish Service

One of the main ways Histar is reinventing how water parks and splash pads are made is by focusing on a long-term partnership relationship rather than simply focusing on one aspect of the project.

Many customers in the past needed to rely on contractors for building, designers to help with drawing up the plans, and then entirely different services for part manufacturing and long-term maintenance.

With Histar, those various services are all covered with one partnership. Histar stays with customers from the design phase to the completion of the project, and then it maintains a working relationship to ensure that park managers always have someone to turn to when something needs looked at or adjusted.

This streamlined and all-encompassing approach to service makes the entire process of building a water park or splash pad far easier than it was in the past.

Global Service

It’s also difficult to find a company in the water attraction industry that offers so much and offers it all on a global scale. Typically, Histar’s competition is very localized due to the logistical issues of getting parts and teams to locations around the world.

Histar has consistently branched into new international markets and is constantly pushing toward new opportunities. This means that customers around the globe can enjoy the benefits Histar has to offer regardless of location.

A Wide Product List

Histar’s product list consists of water slides, custom-designed splash pads, splash jungles and shacks, and various water park attractions that can be implemented on their own or put together to create the ultimate water attraction.

With such a wide variety of products, combined with design assistance to develop projects from the ground up, Histar ensures that anyone trying to make a water park dream a reality is capable of doing so. All with a one-stop-shop they can trust.

Who Histar Services

Building an entire water park isn’t typically something a private citizen does, but Histar does service a large variety of clients. This includes communities such as city development teams looking to add public water attractions to the community, resorts that need on-site outdoor fun, renowned water park equipment, and similar clients.

If you’re looking to develop a splash pad for your community or clients to enjoy, Histar is easily making ground as the best manufacturer available.

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