Heidi Nicolle
Heidi Nicolle

There are a lot of people who claim to have all the answers to life’s pertinent and difficult questions. Oftentimes you’ll find them on social media spouting tangents from a fortune cookie that have no real utility in the real world. Heidi Nicolle is not one of these snake oil salesmen. As wellness and mental health becomes more and more ubiquitous, Heidi is a breath of fresh air in her quest to inspire people to look inward at their own strengths and find some comfort and confidence by embracing all aspects of themselves.

The #Isms movement

Oftentimes it’s the definition that brings true foundations and can be the catalyst for profound reinvention. The #isms movement was borne to give some definition to the aspects of ourselves that perhaps don’t have a lot of illumination on them. In essence, they’re a new way of defining personality traits through specifying the common tropes that surround them, like an #artism may encapsulate artistic endeavors and #bossisms may invoke the notions of independence and leadership qualities.

Heidi has taken on the mantle of helping others define their own #isms in a way that is accessible and universal through her various social media channels. Through this quest, she has also discovered that the importance of self-care can be broken down into the nurturing and acknowledgement of #isms and traits that are otherwise left out in the cold.

The importance of looking in to look out

Through this thought process we can readily gauge the issues that plague our own lives, and through careful and consistent consideration of our own #isms we are able to effectively go forward as more productive and careful members of society which can benefit everyone in small and meaningful increments.

It’s an old idea to get our own houses in order before changing the world, and Heidi seems to have a decent grasp on the concept with her incessant focus on ensuring we are looking and reflecting on ourselves first. Effectively, the stronger we become – the better we can make the world around us.

Through the ‘Heidiisms’ campaign and subsequent content that has been borne as a result, Heidi has built a following of people from around the world who are looking inward before looking outward.

Not content with a singular avenue of change, she is also on the bold quest to make Love go Viral. We can’t wait to see what happens next.