Bourhim Car is a car rental agency in Marrakech, which specialises in finding cars for tourists. The owner, Mohammed Berrada, provides cars suitable for driving around both cities and the desert, as well as private drivers if required.

Mohammed, why did you start Bourhim Car?

I love cars, and wanted to work with them. By renting cars out to tourists I get to drive and work on all kinds of cars, which is always interesting.

What parts of Morocco do you operate in?

Our base is in Marrakech, the biggest city in Morocco, but we deliver and collect rental cars from all over the country. This is particularly handy for tourists flying in or out of popular towns like Casablanca and Tangiers.

What do your private drivers do?

Our private drivers drive the car (obviously). They will pick you up and drop you off wherever you like in Morocco, which lets you focus on the beautiful scenery. They also know their way around the cities, which can be a bit of a maze for foreigners.

What cars do you suggest hiring?

It depends what you need to use the vehicle for. We have standard sedans and small cars for driving around the cities and highways of Morocco, as well as bigger four-wheel drive cars for going around the desert and mountains. The four-wheelers are particularly good for off-road driving around the sand dunes.