Eng. Mohammed Fouad Al Jamal

MedQuick, a groundbreaking telemedicine and telehealth application, is poised to revolutionize healthcare accessibility in the Middle East. Spearheaded by Eng. Mohammed Fouad Al Jamal, MedQuick aims to transform the way medical services are delivered and accessed. With a strategic rollout planned for Jordan, the UAE, and Egypt, this innovative platform is set to make a significant impact on the region’s healthcare landscape.

The decision to launch MedQuick in Jordan, the UAE, and Egypt was driven by a thorough analysis of each country’s unique healthcare needs and infrastructure. Jordan, known for its well-established healthcare system and growing demand for telemedicine, provides an ideal testing ground for the application. The UAE, with its advanced digital infrastructure and tech-savvy population, offers a conducive environment for innovative healthcare solutions. Egypt, with its large population and pressing need for improved healthcare accessibility, presents a substantial opportunity for MedQuick to make a meaningful difference.

MedQuick distinguishes itself from other telemedicine applications through its unique features designed to enhance user experience and healthcare outcomes. The platform offers on-demand virtual consultations with highly qualified physicians, ensuring that users receive immediate medical advice and treatment. This feature is particularly valuable in regions where timely access to healthcare can be challenging. Additionally, MedQuick integrates with local pharmacies to facilitate same-day medication delivery, bridging the gap between consultation and treatment.

The user-friendly interface of MedQuick allows patients to easily schedule appointments, manage their health records, and receive notifications. The platform also prioritizes data security and patient privacy, adhering to international standards and regulations. These features collectively ensure that MedQuick provides a seamless and secure healthcare experience for its users.

Launching a telehealth platform like MedQuick comes with its set of challenges, including technological integration, user adoption, and regulatory compliance. To address these challenges, Al Jamal has partnered with YamaTech, a leading technology provider, to ensure a robust and scalable platform. Comprehensive marketing and educational campaigns are also being deployed to raise awareness about the benefits of telemedicine and encourage user adoption. “We are committed to educating the public about how MedQuick can improve their healthcare experience and ensuring that our platform meets the highest standards of safety and reliability,” Al Jamal explains.


Looking ahead, MedQuick has ambitious plans for global expansion. The long-term vision includes extending the platform’s reach beyond the Middle East to Europe, Africa, and other regions with a high demand for accessible healthcare solutions. “We are continuously innovating and enhancing our platform to meet the evolving needs of our users. Strategic partnerships with healthcare providers, technology companies, and regulatory bodies will be crucial in sustaining our growth,” Al Jamal states.

In addition to expanding geographically, MedQuick aims to diversify its services by offering specialized telehealth solutions for various medical fields. This approach will enable the platform to cater to a broader range of healthcare needs and further establish itself as a leader in the telemedicine industry.

MedQuick’s entry into the Middle Eastern market marks a significant milestone in the journey towards making high-quality healthcare accessible to all. Under the visionary leadership of Mohammed Fouad Al Jamal, MedQuick is set to transform the healthcare landscape, offering a reliable, efficient, and user-friendly solution for medical consultations and treatment. As MedQuick prepares for its launch, the platform is poised to make a lasting impact on healthcare accessibility and quality in the region and beyond.