You may be thinking that an entire guide dedicated to where you should be going on a tour during your helicopter Grand Canyon in Las Vegas ride is kind of redundant. However that is not the case due to how big the wonder of the world actually is. The ravine itself was created over six million years ago and spans across 277 miles long! With that much distance to cover it is hard for tourists to see every aspect of it in one simple ride.

Due to its size it is important that you research which section you want to visit while on your Grand Canyon helicopter tour in Las Vegas. If you have no clue on where to begin, strap in as we fly through the main hot spots that people like to visit.


South Rim

The South Rim is one of if not the most popular section of the wonder of the world. This is because whenever you see it referenced in photos, films or television series it is more than likely from this section. Because of this fact, many locals and tourists believe that if you don’t see the south rim you haven’t truly seen it at all.

This area is also very easy to access whether you decide to drive or go on a Grand Canyon helicopter tour in Las Vegas. It is however very popular for this reason and you shouldn’t be surprised to be greeted with thousands of tourists. If you don’t want to battle the crowd for the best selfie spot be sure to see it from the sky instead.


West Rim

Second most popular to the South Rim is the West Rim. This section is owned and operated by the Native American Tribe known as the Hualapai people. The West Rim is also very popular because it is the closest from the strip so people don’t have to travel very far if they decided to drive to this location. It also features the Skywalk which is a bridge with a glass bottom that looks onto the base below which is 4,000 feet underneath you.

It is also important to note that the West Rim is the only location in the wonder where there is a helipad on the base. That means if you wanted to see the base without the massive hike that is attached to it; it is recommended that you get a Grand Canyon helicopter tour in Las Vegas to this area.


North Rim

north rim

The North Rim is the area people go to when they are sick and tired of the hustle and bustle. The serene environment overlooks the scenery which makes it a perfect picnic date location or simply a family hang out zone. One of the best aspects of this area is that the climate is a little bit cooler due to the elevation. That means that it is the perfect breeding ground for wildlife and an array of different fauna. It’s very common for people to see a family of deer here while they are on their Grand Canyon helicopter tour in Las Vegas.


East Rim

The last but not least area to visit while on your Grand Canyon helicopter tour in Las Vegas is the East Rim. This area is the furthest away from the downtown strip which is why many people decide to fly here instead of drive. Just because it is so far away doesn’t mean that you should miss out. This section is home to some very notable locations such as The Rainbow and Navajo Bridge.