One Side

Big time music Artist One Side He’s quickly becoming a hip-hop and pop culture fixture. One Side tries to down play his recent achievements with becoming a new rapper on the scene. He often says he doesn’t like to “think about what he’s done good because thinking on it for to long will make me feel complacent” even though it’s stressful to have so much on your plate at once. One Side is a fast growing artist with all the capabilities in the world for a bright career.

He notes that everything is happening so quick and that he hopes to stay focused on his ultimate goals that he looks to achieve in the music industry. When making music in the studio, One Side is so particular that he wants every single line to be heard and felt through the hearts of anyone who listens.

One Side speaks on life situations that are relatable to so many people that go through their day to day lives that just need an outlet to run to, when they are wanting to feel alive as if they aren’t alone.

One Side is about to explode. All the evidence you’d need is littered throughout his Instagram page, which is filled with music video snippets. There’s a bunch of things that points to a solid foundation, one he hopes can be inspiring. “Don’t think about what anybody else has to say because me, personally, don’t let anybody get in your head” he says. To dive inside the head of One Side is explained as a boss mentality within the lines of leading the way for everyone who has been riding with him the whole time on this journey into the music industry.




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