Are you on a drug regime? Are you suffering from depression? Well if you answer a YES to both the questions, then probably your depression might be the side effect of your drug regime. Till now, we were familiar with the broad category of generalised side effects. We never knew that depression could also be one of the side effects of our medications.

However, new research worked out on commonly prescribed medications, highlights the growing risks of depression. The study involved a team from the United States. To list a few of the commonly-prescribed medications are the heart medicines, birth control pills, and most of the painkillers.

The analysis showed that the more than one-third part of the drugs consumed by the trial participants illustrates the positive signs of depression. The clinical trial study involved around twenty-six thousand patients.

This research analysis marks its presence in the Journal of American Medical Association. The study involved only those individuals who were above the age group of about eighteen years and were on at least one prescription drug regime between the period between 2005 and 2014.

Nearly thirty-seven per cent of these prescription drugs showed depression in the list of potential side effects. Out of these thirty-seven per cent prescription drugs, some were painkillers and antacids.

Depression rates were seven per cent for those individuals who took only one drug, nine per cent for patients on two different medications, and about fifteen per cent for patients on three different medications. The rates difference is indicative of the fact that higher the number of drugs a person is prescribed with, higher is his rate of depression.

In addition to these significant figures, about five per cent of the adult population in the United States is suffering from depression.