In Britain, about eight out of ten companies give men more salaries than women.
Today’s published data reflect the long-running issue of gender discrimination at the workplace.

Prime Minister Theresa May introduced legislation last year to make it compulsory for companies with more than 250 employees to give information about the difference in salary on the gender basis to the Government Equity Office. The office has now published these figures. The companies were given time to submit details on Wednesday midnight. During this, 10,015 companies submitted their data. On the other hand, companies that failed to do so may face legal action.

According to the published data today, 78 percent of commercial and public sector companies pay male workers more than women while 14 percent of the companies said they give more salaries to women. At the same time, approx eight percent of the companies said that they do not discriminate on the gender basis. According to the data, the average difference in the salary of men and women in all companies is 12 percent.