Researchers have come up with something new this time! The research findings suggest that the foods that combine the fats with the carbohydrates are confusing our brain.

If you love highly processed foods, then you are on a diet rich in carbohydrates. Also, such food accounts for more amounts of fats than our body requires. Such carb and fats rich foods have a stronger impact on the reward system of our brain. As a result, we resort to over-eating and subsequently make a switch to junk foods. As day by day, our addiction to the junk food increases, we no longer find the healthy diet to be worthy of eating.

The current inferences come from a research study worked out by the scholars of New Yale University. The scholars of New Yale University highlight the fact how the processed food industries are attracting humans to crave over unhealthy diets.

If instead of packing a bag of chips to accompany your regular diet, you have carried a banana along with you, then probably you might get your required share of daily nutrients. This is because when you analyze the modern highly processed food, you will be aware that your diet contains more than sufficient amount of fats and carbohydrates. These excessive fats and carbohydrates will increase the confusion level of your brain to decide what to do with the excess amount.

The new research focused on more than two hundred adults. All the adults were chosen such that they possessed a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI). This study infers that these adults were ready to pay more amount to purchase the foods rich in fats and sugars.

Dr. Dana Small says, ‘Our participants were very accurate at estimating calories from fat and very poor at estimating calories from carbohydrate. Our study shows that when both nutrients are combined, the brain seems to overestimate the energetic value of the food.’ Dr. Dana Small is the senior author involved in the research study.

The research findings mark their presence in the Cell Metabolism journal.