Daddy Couture is an LGBTQI clothing brand that has exploded onto the scene in the last few months and has attracted endorsements from some high-profile gay celebrities. In fact, a new exclusive collaboration with Rebecca More has launched this month.

Apart from Rebecca, who has exploded onto the gay Twitter scene in November 2018, Daddy Couture has also featured collaborations with Chris Crocker and Tiffany Pollard, who are also icons in the LGBTQI community. Their clothing line has been modelled on Instagram by famous (in the gay community) models like Matt Camp and Jake Bass.

Tiffany Pollard

Tiffany Pollard
Tiffany Pollard. Photo: Jaylennylevann via Wikimedia Commons

Tiffany Pollard is a reality TV star and actress, and was the first celebrity to collaborate with Daddy Couture. She is a huge figure in the gay community, and her platform helped the brand to launch itself into the mainstream queer community.

Tiffany has featured on numerous television programs, including Celebrity Big Brother and is frequently used in memes. She is also very vocal about gay and women’s rights.

Tiffany collaborated on a shirt with the brand, and promoted it and Daddy Couture to her fanbase, which spread knowledge about the brand to gay areas around the world. The shirt featured an image of Tiffany in a pose inspired by Rosie the Riveter, with the caption “What Would Tiffany Pollard do?”.

Chris Crocker

Chris Crocker
Chris Crocker. Photo: Chris Cunningham via Wikimedia Commons

Chris Crocker is a viral vlogger and internet comedian and has collaborated with Daddy Couture on two exclusive lines of shirts, as well as modelling many of their clothes on Instagram. Chris is a famously outspoken queer icon and helped the brand to align themselves with the community.

Initially Chris created videos about his life as an openly gay, effeminate man living in the deep south of the US. He shot to fame in 2007 with his famous “Leave Britney Alone” videos, which brought him a global spotlight.

Chris has gained a lot of attention for his fluid gender identity and has been an advocate within the queer community for transgender acceptance. His high profile and regular internet content creation has made him a prominent figure in the gay community.

There are two different shirt lines that were created with Chris. The first, along the same lines as the Tiffany Pollard collaboration, features Chris wearing an open shirt and high heels (and nothing else) with the caption “What Would Chris Crocker do?”. The second has Chris wearing a vest and a pair of Daddy Couture undies, with the caption “Chris Crocker is my Daddy”.

Rebecca More

Rebecca More
Rebecca More. Photo: Pintrest @jessyjess981

Rebecca More is a Twitter star in the UK whose collaboration with Daddy Couture has only just been released. Rebecca is also featured on a shirt (well, a t-shirt and a long sleeve) and has been active in promoting the line on her social media accounts.

Rebecca, despite being straight, has a big gay fanbase on Twitter thanks to her over-the-top promotions for her videos. She tries to create videos for her new gay fans, although she is aware that she gained this following by being herself and trying to appeal to straight men, so she isn’t changing too much!

Rebecca’s shirt is the most complex of all of Daddy Couture’s celebrity collaborations in terms of design. It is also the first one to not feature the name of the celebrity. It has an image of Rebecca on the shirt, over a background of several different patterns in a frame. She has also, like Chris Crocker, modelled other items from the Daddy Couture range.

The celebrity collaborations have helped Daddy Couture to grow their brand, particularly because each of the personalities they have collaborated with are popular with their target market. Daddy Couture is, generally, targeting people who are outspoken, go to pride marches and generally immerse themselves in the inner-city gay community in cities like San Francisco, Sydney and London.

The brand has picked up 17,900 followers on Instagram since launching in May 2018, including 5,000 since November. They are clearly doing something right! Watch out for more endorsements and collaborations with other gay icons, because Daddy Couture shows no signs of slowing down.