Ahmed Bedair
Ahmed Bedair

The coronavirus pandemic has irrevocably changed the way businesses operate and communicate. Even once the pandemic has passed, there’s a strong chance that some of the structural changes induced by the crisis will remain. There will likely be a more significant push for more remote-based working and learning, along with social distancing measures in specific sectors. This is where Cloud Converters comes into the frame – a business founded and operated by entrepreneur Ahmed Bedair.

Started in Michigan in 2017, Cloud Converters is a digital consultancy firm committed to helping businesses transform their businesses and embrace cloud-based technologies. According to their founder, Ahmed Bedair, their vision is simple – help small to medium-sized enterprises to understand and benefit from cloud-based technologies. They offer their clients renowned training, consultations and project management seminars on how to benefit from the new technology.

Not a traditional IT company

Ahmed Bedair insists that Cloud Converters is anything but a traditional IT company. They don’t sell products, nor do they offer regular IT support. Instead, they prefer to be viewed as a consultancy company, one that provides businesses (including start-ups) with the necessary tools, resources and expertise to thrive, succeed and grow their businesses. What sets Cloud Converters apart is their intense commitment to their customers. They are loyal, understanding and flexible, regardless of their clients’ needs or wants, which is something Ahmed reinforces to his workers.

Core services

So, what exactly is involved in cloud-based consultancy? Well, according to Ahmed Bedair, there is a range of core services that fall under this function. Cloud infrastructure migration hinges on educating the client about the cloud tech specifics. This includes the overarching objectives, purpose, processes and policies, which are then incorporated into a business model that focuses on strategic transformation.

Echoing Ahmed’s own reasoning, cloud application integration is focused on developing a digital marketing strategy, customized to the specific business in question. In the modern economy, a company can’t expect to survive without a strategy or plan, unless of course, you want to lose money and momentum. Under the leadership of Ahmed, the experts at Cloud Converters will ensure that you have the right budget, objectives, processes and policies in place to integrate cloud-based technologies into your operating model successfully.

Cloud infrastructure is all about the specific programs you need in place. According to Ahmed, cloud-based solutions can be built into systems like Microsoft Azure, Zoho, Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Office 365. You won’t have to host anything in-house, and you’ll be able to fall back onto reinforced security measures.