Amazon is going to make its first robot for the home. It will be built by the lab 126, the Amazon hardware R&D centre that had previously built the Kindle, Fire Phone, and Echo.

There is no such detail that how it will look like and what purpose it will serve but Bloomberg hint it would be a sort of “mobile Alexa.” The robot build by Amazon will have computer vision camera and software for navigation. The general public might start using such type of robot by early 2019.

By such a small detail, it is very difficult to guess exactly what Amazon is planning but we can easily say that it is not going to have some sort of “robot able to perform different household chores.” The present technology can’t build this kind of robot, although companies like Boston Dynamics are working on it.

Instead, ‘home robot’ is like a virtual assistant in a house which can perform some tiny task. Some of this kind of robot has already been unveiled by the companies like LG’s Hub bot, Mayfield Robotics’ Kuri, and the Pixar-like Jibo.

These kinds of robot perform a very important role in a home like it helps in tasks like setting timers and searching the web and play some beautiful games for the small kids. Sometimes they also work as a personal companion. The feedback of these robot suggests that they promise more than they provide, and of course, Amazon’s Echo devices already offer the same functionality with less hype.

A mobile Alexa is still very useful for Amazon and their users because it permits the company’s virtual assistant to take on a more personal role, and the spatial information it collected could make Alexa function better. The mobile home robot is going to be more important in the future with the data it collects will be used to make home smarter.