Buying spectacles can be a tricky decision. Considering that you may be wearing the pair you choose everyday for years, it’s understandable for you to take a while to make your decision.

However, nowadays, our lives become a lot busier as work and social events accumulate to make it difficult to complete errands.

Finding time to schedule in an appointment at the optometrist can be hard, and if you want to get new spectacles soon, it might not be the most efficient option.

While you might be hesitant to get glasses online, technologies have evolved and it’s become easier than ever to shop on the internet. The best thing is that you can browse all the styles while on your daily commute or at home after work.

With these benefits, buying glasses online is a great option. But there are some things to consider before you commit!


Find a style that suits you

Knowing what style suits you is essential to getting spectacles that you’ll like and wear for a quite a while. Different frames will suit different facial shapes, so it’s a good idea to watch some videos to get some tips on what to choose!

Getting your information on the internet is equally as valid as asking an assistant in the store. Internet resources will often be accompanied with visuals so that you understand the reasoning behind why a certain frame flatters a certain facial shape.

Buying glasses online is easier than ever for this factor. Many web stores now have tools where you can test out the look of different specs on your photo, so you can see what each frame looks like on your face without even leaving your house!


glasses stylish


Choose a good colour

When buying glasses online, remember that you’ll need to match them to any outfit you wear! While it might be tempting to go for an outrageous colour or pattern, think about whether you’d be comfortable wearing those spectacles in every situation.

Especially if you have a professional job, sticking to a toned down colour may be necessary. However, if you are comfortable and confident choosing something more bold, go for it!


Choose something you genuinely like

Despite the previous advice about style and colour for buying glasses online, the most important thing is that you genuinely like the pair that you buy.

This is vital as if you don’t get a pair that you like, it can affect your mood and confidence when wearing them.  The most important thing is that you’re happy with how you look!


Be cost-savvy

This factor is more important for some than others. However, if you’re looking to get a deal, buying glasses online is already a good start.

Many sites offer glasses online at a lower cost – and because you’re on a website, you get to see their full range whereas physical stores may have already sold out of certain pairs.

E-commerce stores offer a way for you to easily search through the styles available and compare their prices with ease. Take advantage of this!


Find a site with returns or exchanges

Most if not all sites will offer a free sampling service where you can trial specs at home before deciding what you want. Upon ordering a pair, you should also be able to return them if you aren’t satisfied when you try them on.

Finding a site that has returns or exchanges is best, as you can simply swap your pair for another if it turns out that it doesn’t suit you well.

With this option, you can easily buy glasses online without being worried of the consequences!