This is why you should look forward to working in Coles supermarket, even if you are frustrated about certain internship not coming your way, getting a job in the supermarket for a meanwhile won’t be a bad idea. Working at the store may not only help you with the finance but certainly enhance your personality;

This is how;

  • Professionalism and responsibility

Working in a supermarket means representing the brand to people, and it being a supermarket there will be endless number of customers. So basically, what you are up to each second during your shift hour’s matters, and it reflects for the company. At times you will be the only impression for the people so it’s important to act responsible and appear quite professional.

  • Communication

Because, obviously. Communication happens to be the key factor in all professions, whether if you want to become a doctor, entrepreneur, engineer, lawyer, artist etc, good communication is what will take you ahead. Working in a supermarket will help you better your communication skills as you have to co-ordinate with your co-workers, boss and handle the consumers as well.

  • Work Ethic

If you have been working for 6 hours straight without having any breaks and it is killing you to stand still, you must remain cheerful. Consistency is the key. As the long list of consumers will greet you every second, it will definitely make your work ethic much stronger and you will have to perform your level best each day.

  • Patience

Supermarket is really that place where your patience will be tested. Convincing your consumers otherwise can be a tougher task than handling the store, and you might be stuck in such situations where you will require immense patience. So you will gradually be use to it which is a good personality trait.

  • Boldness and confidence

Naturally, when you work in a supermarket, you greet customers and even at times talk to them about their day so as to maintain a cordial relation and hoping for them to come back. This basically means you are trying to be bold and leaving back the comfort zone. You become so use to interacting confidently with people that you are no more afraid to speak your mind outside as well.

  • Time management

Yes you learn to multi task quite early. On weekends or on certain days the crowd must be too much and you have to handle everything all at once, by listening to the customer, organizing the boxes, and talking to the co-worker. You learn to prioritize things and manage time quite well.

  • Selflessness

Eventually consumer satisfaction is all that matters and you do become selfless by helping everyone at the store. Making your consumers happy and content will be the biggest achievement for you as it can genuinely make you happy.

  • Appreciation and respect

When you daily meet new people and gain new perspective you tend to become more appreciating and responsive. You respect each person’s boundaries. Basically, you learn to be way more organized and up to date, and you probably won’t learn these many skills elsewhere.