The lever is the most important organ in every human body. It also helps in digesting food by cleansing the blood and also kills intestinal germs. Which keeps the power to fight diseases. If the person’s liver does not work properly then the problem may also be serious. World Liver Day is celebrated today, on April 19 every year. The purpose behind this is to make people aware of the health of the liver.

Some people believe that consuming alcoholic substances starts to cause damages to the liver. This is true to an extent but some of our bad habits also contribute to spoiling the liver, which many people are unaware of. Like over-eating, oily food, not exercising, smoking etc. These things start to get more pressure on the liver. By which this vital organ of the body cannot work properly and the toxic substances remain in the body, which causes the diseases.

Sulfur-rich diet: A healthy lever produces enzymes in the body which is very important for all organs. Sulfur-rich diet can facilitate lever such as broccoli, green vegetables, sprouted cereals, egg, milk, etc. Make sure to include these foods in your daily diet. This kind of diet helps to produce lever enzyme.

Keep your Liver Healthy

  • Vitamins: Instead of eating fast food, add balance diets to your diet. Minerals and vitamins containing foods such as carrots, salads, amla, almonds, fruit juice must be taken at least once a day.
  • Olive oil: When cooking, use olive oil instead of refined oil. Olive oil does not allow to form free radicals. It also does not make much pressure on the liver.
  • Organic Diet: Give Organic Diet more importance. In this, the use of pesticides is reduced, which are completely natural. Chemicals or bacterial diets are accumulating in the lever. This has a bad effect on the liver’s work.
  • No Stress: Taking excessive stress also has a bad effect on the liver. Meditation and yoga can be supported for this.
  • Exercise: It is really important, take out some time for yourself every day. Exercise improves the blood circulation, so the fat stored in the body starts melting easily and keep the liver healthy too.