Navid Mashinchi has a skillset that all data scientists should aspire toward, but he didn’t get it alone. Like any skill, there are always influences and inspirations to go from, and Navid Mashinchi is no exception to the rule.

While in graduate school, Mr. Mashinchi was combing through the internet to find information surrounding the various concepts and approaches used in data science and found himself following a few in particular that fueled his passion for the industry.

If you’re looking for inspiration or information on the industry, look no further than these:

Ken Jee

Navid Mashinchi found this particular YouTuber on LinkedIn initially. A great mind for improving technical skills through smart and cohesive intelligence surrounding the industry, and he even made it a fun challenge. The #66daysofdata being one of the principal benefits of following his content. The challenge offered my Ken was a huge steppingstone for Navid Mashinchi’s journey into competence in the data science field.

For those looking out for a good motivator for learning, the challenge is well worth it.

Alex Freberg

Alex Freberg is a data analyst, which is one of the natural progressions to data science. The channel is very useful for those who are looking at becoming a data analyst, and the particular skillset building of SQL is one of the key reasons for his inclusion on this list.

For Navid Mashinchi, having an SQL skill is always a valuable one for any field of analysis and Alex’s content delves into particular scenarios that will illuminate new and exciting ways of approaching problems.

Joshua Starmer

Joshua Starmer is the founder of StatQuest, and you guessed it, is very well versed in statistical concepts and machine learning algorithms. His clear mannered approach in his videos allow more complicated concepts to be naturally understood, this is a great resource for those in machine learning courses who have hit a brick wall for particular concepts and need a little helping hand.

Tina Huang

Tina Huang is an excellent resource for anyone looking to break into the data science industry. Her video tutorials on all aspects of the interview, preparation, and CV building processes helped Navid Mashinchi immensely in his journey. Her experience speaks for itself and her down to earth advice on breaking through into the industry has helped many graduates find their feet.

Emma Ding

Emma Ding’s story is one that cannot be made up. After being laid off, she managed to finagle 4 data science job offers and doubled her income in a matter of months. Navid Mashinchi picked her brain a little to find out how she did it and was led to her channel where she goes through the various processes of the industry. From the interview prep, to her story in general, you’d be remiss if you didn’t give it a go.