Top 5 Pro-Wrestlers in The World

The world of pro-wrestling has always been popular with hundreds of thousands of people flocking to see the next showdown in the ring. Each wrestler that comes through the ring has their own unique name, theme and personality. Everyone has their own pick for who’s their favourite wrestler(s), but this is our list for top 5 pro-wrestlers in the world.

  1. The Undertaker

The Undertaker is a legend in the pro-wrestling community, and has gone by many names throughout the years. The wrestler has created a brand for himself representing death and the paranormal, and is widely feared by other wrestlers. His feud with fellow wrestler Kane has gone on for years, and his fights are always highly anticipated.

  1. Cory Machado

Cory Machado is a pro-wrestler with the Impact Wrestling network who started pro-wrestling as a child. Originally wanting to become a pro baseball player, Cory got into wrestling and become a professional. He uses his pro-wrestling in order to embark on a mission of fighting world hunger, and has successfully provided 20,000+ meals to charities and food banks. His pro-wrestling skills and charitable mission make him one of the best.

  1. Randy Orton

Randy Orton, The Viper, was born into wrestling, surrounded by a family of pro-wrestlers. One of the fiercest wrestlers in the game, he has had many famous and brutal feuds with other pro-wrestlers, and his attitude of ruthlessness is one to be remembered. At 24 years old, Randy Orton became the youngest World Heavyweight Champion, and then later winning two Royal Rumbles. Randy Orton, the Apex Predator, is definitely one of the greatest.

  1. John Cena

John Cena, a name that commands glory. Outside of wrestling John Cena is still a widely recognized name, featuring in numerous blockbuster movies and other entertainment productions. He has had a long career in the WWE being a favourite for many fans, and his walk-in music is recognized just about anywhere.

  1. Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar is an intimidating presence, and has proved himself many times before in the pro-wrestling ring as well as the UFC octagon. His debut had him destroy a whole ring of wrestlers, later on beating the Rock to win the WWE title. This made him the youngest WWE champion in history at the time and the fastest rising sports entertainment star.

There are many pro-wrestlers out there, but not many have the greatness like the ones mentioned above do, in the ring and out of the ring.