The Many Ways An Essential Oil Can Be Your Ticket To Success

With the world still looming irrevocably around uncertainty, anxiety, and job displacement across the board, there are many people who are considering alternative forms of income. Whether it be through teaching online, taking a class themselves, or simply stretching out their skillsets into new and exciting territories.

One such industry that has seen a monumental blitz in terms of popularity is the e-commerce platforms that are popping up left right and centre. Allowing anyone to jump into the capitalist rat race and begin selling their particular wares to customers around the globe.

The homemade beauty and skincare regimens have taken a lot of social media by storm, and many of these shops who espouse homemade and enriched lotions, soaps, perfumes etc. truly have been crafted in the kitchens of enthusiasts and boutique creators around the world. No doubt many of you have heard the term essential oil in some form or another, utilising natural ingredients in these e-commerce platforms have seen a tremendous amount of success as a result, and the humble essential oil could be the ticket for many people just starting out in the beauty and skincare sector.

What Is An Essential Oil?

An essential oil is the extracted essence of a piece of plant material. There are numerous different examples of an essential oil, each coming from a particular plant and can be extracted from a certain aspect of the plant itself. Seeds, flowers, bark, and leaves are all primary examples of what could potentially hold the oily essence of the plant itself.

The essential oil of a plant typically carries a majority of the host plants eccentricities, whether it be the fragrance profile, the enrichment profiles (depending on the plant being extracted), colour, or consistency.

The methods of extraction are as varied and dependent as the plant matter itself, for some cases, an essential oil must be distilled using steam, others require a solvent to separate, while others require a cold-pressing method. The means of extraction is entirely dependent on the plant profile.

No matter which tactic is employed, the final result for an essential oil is the substance that is collected and bottled as a result. An essential oil is also quite potent, oftentimes requiring a carrier substance to dilute the intensity and allow it to be consumable or safe for use on the skin.

The Tickets To Success

So, we have established what an essential oil is, now it’s time to roll up your sleeves and start thinking of ways you can make a profit from the use of these remarkable substances.

There’s a wide and varied range available, each one having a unique trait that renders it more suitable for certain applications. For those deciding on which one to go with, it will come down to research and trial and error.

Crafting A Beauty Line

One of the most popular methods of utilising an essential oil is to incorporate them into your own homemade beauty line of products. Many people who were stuck at home took a shine to creating their own food and skincare products in the lockdowns and subsequent restrictions.

This time to practice has yielded many people to discover the magic that resides in an essential oil, and the incredible impact it can have on a range of homemade skincare treatments. The number of lavender, sandalwood or hemp seed essential oil infused products that are cascading the internet is a surefire signifier that the trend is certainly leaning towards infusion-based products.

Massage ointments, lotions, daily creams and moisturisers are all quite easy to make once you have the formula down and there are a number of online lessons that can show you step by step if you’re going into the industry for the first time.

Infusion Soaps

Speaking of beauty products, the soap industry has seen a crazy increase in recent years, with an essential oil infusion being a great selling point for those who are creating their own line of soap bars. Again, there are many lessons online that detail how to properly craft your own soaps, once you have the procedure under control, you can let your imagination go wild.

Some examples of an essential oil are better suited for fragrant enhancements for the soaps, while others offer a natural moisturizing component that blends well with the soap in question. Some will even change or morph the colour palate of the soap bar, allowing for extra levels of customisation and market appeal.

Bulk Selling

One additional way to utilise an essential oil for a home business is to get into the bulk selling yourself, though this requires a little more business acumen and some more red tape to navigate, those who aren’t interested in creating their own products can choose to be the middlemen for their local community, being the supplier of various types of essential oil.

Aromatherapeutic Offers

Then comes the aromatherapy market, a fast growing one at that, the use of an essential oil in a diffuser or in some form of fragrant release apparatus is not uncommon, but it is becoming more and more popularized thanks to online forums and mental health awareness. More people are using an essential oil to create a calming and relaxed atmosphere in their home or study area to deal with anxiety and unsureness.

One way to capitalize on this is in creative measures. You could sell an essential oil as a means for aromatherapy on its own, however, if you’re feeling a little more studious and have a background in yoga or meditative teaching, selling your classes with a select essential oil for the class will go a long way to separating your business from your competitors.

Buying from The Right Supplier

Once you have your business in mind it’s now time to begin your search for a good and decent supplier. There are a number of different suppliers of various types of essential oil across the country. The best way to differentiate is to have a good idea on the focus of your prospective business and take into account the trial and error that will inevitably take place while you are perfecting your product.

For this reason, it’s best to find a supplier that deals in bulk sales, not only does this save you money in the long term, but it also allows you to experiment and potentially form a good working relationship with your supplier for deals in the future.

The manner in which the extract is extracted plays a role here too, with more people cutting corners to have supply rather than quality, it’s a very good idea to have a discussion and research a little bit yourself as to the manner in which your prospective supplier garners their supply.


While the world regains its composure from the last 12 months, it’s best to look at the silver lining side of the equation. There is no shortage of ways to make a revenue stream thanks to e-commerce and the wonders of online accessibility, with the right idea, a basic website and an essential oil infusion, there’s no telling where the future may go.