Ron Sharon

There was a time, not too long ago in fact – where Ron Sharon’s field of cybersecurity was relegated more or less to the side. The internet was new, awash with idealistic principles and businesses frolicking in relatively safe waters. Time went by, and soon the notion of cybersecurity began to take a little more precedent in the general planning and implementation stages of online conglomerates and avenues.

Nowadays, there is an intrinsic necessity for cybersecurity experts who know what they’re doing, what they’re talking about, and are up to date with the current trends and micro-updates that can have a tremendous impact on the status quo.

From Optional To Essential

The shift happened sometime in the last 15 years, after the internet became more than a potential fad, and started morphing into the beast it is today. Companies that have been relegated to an online or digital space have had no end of new challenges come up in terms of data security, indeed security in general.

Enter Ron Sharon.

Ron Sharon’s bread and butter is the security protocols and safety of his clients. The necessity to bolster and prohibit unwarranted attacks or access to vital information and data is becoming more and more apparent with stories coming out of the woodwork that showcase the inherent dangers of not doing so.

The Modern Role Of Cybersecurity

The role of a modern cybersecurity expert is not so much telling companies what to do, but to work with companies to become more literate and aware of the dangers that exist online. Outlining the various methods of approach to reduce the potential risks that are commonplace, most importantly to reassure businesses that there is no such thing as being ‘too safe’.

We can easily deduce the necessity of cybersecurity. Defining their role has become something else entirely, as there are so many constant and consistent changes being made to the fabric of online behavior, the cybersecurity industry has seen an incredible uptick in terms of responsibility and demand, as more companies are finally channeling some much needed focus to their own cybersecurity, and calling on the Ron Sharon’s of the world for some much needed perspective.

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