The next full moon phenomenon in the United Kingdom will mark its presence sharp at 5:53 am BST tomorrow, i.e. twenty-eighth day of June. This Strawberry Moon phenomenon will be available for the stargazers right after the celestial event of Saturn Opposition. During Saturn Opposition, the ringed gas giant will be at its closest distance from the Earth and subsequently will appear brighter than usual.

Spiritual Importance of Strawberry Moon

Since ancient times, full moon phenomenon had their religious significance. This religious significance is different for different cultures.

Majorly, the full moons and new moons represent new beginnings. Aesthetically, these celestial lunar events hold importance to embrace new changes in people’s life.

The Native American Algonquin Tribes are reckoned for naming the differential lunar phases. These names represent the seasonal changes as well as the changes in landscapes.

The full strawberry moon derives its name from the strawberry picking season. It has a particular significance amongst the Native American women. It is believed that the Native American women use this full strawberry moon to cleanse their selves spiritually.

What is the count of remaining full moons of 2018?

2018 still has seven full moon celestial events in store before we bid it adieu.

After the Strawberry Moon phenomenon, we will have the Buck Moon. The Buck Moon will mark its presence twenty-seventh day of July.

Following it will be the Sturgeon Moon will fall on the twenty-sixth day of August.

On September 24, we will have Full Corn Moon.

Hunter’s Moon will dazzle the sky on the twenty-fourth day of October.

Beaver’s Moon will be making its way on the twenty-third day of November.

Finally, Cold Full Moon will complete the full moon cycle of 2018 on December 22.