If we know how to deal with the air pollution, then let us start dealing with it. With this in view, The UK government puts forward three plans for preventing the pollution of the air. Their motive is to bring the entire United Kingdom into compliance with the European Union law about the pollution levels. However, all the three plans were rejected by the UK’s supreme court claiming them as inadequate to deal with the air pollution.

The invisible air pollutants such as the nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter raise the risk of asthma and the strokes. It also leads to cancer and the cardiac diseases. As per the inferences of a UK research study, about sixty percent of the population in the United Kingdom lives in the areas where the level of the air pollution is above the legal limit. On account of such higher levels of the air pollution, the UK citizens are facing grave consequences. The UK reports about forty thousands of the deaths every year. This is the reason why air pollution has become the second highest sole contributor to the ends. It even outshines the deaths caused by alcohol consumption and obesity in its ranking.

Instead of visualizing the current scenario of the air pollution as a liability, the government should impose a ban on the purchase of new cars that run on the petrol and diesel. At least, it must be followed stringently for a couple of decades. It is the responsibility of the government to ask UK’s most polluted cities to abide the rules of non-purchase of the automobiles. Also, the responsibility lies with the government to facilitate the citizens of such polluted cities with the proper public transport facilities.

It is challenging stuff for the locals to come out of their cars. However, if you value your health and your environment, your small piece of sacrifice will make a big difference.