Statt Consulting
Statt Consulting Founders Renee Le Cussan & Luke Falkner

It has been a tough and challenging couple of years for the entire world in many respects, Renee Le Cussan and Luke Falkner of Statt Consulting know this better than most. Their consultancy firm has been on the cutting edge of migration source and destination communities around the world – their engaging work in the realm of establishing and educating organizations through communication and understanding have helped numerous communities receive the help they require.

With a healthy amount of experience from both respective founders, Statt Consulting has been able to develop a keen and instinctual understanding in how best to analyse and approach different communities, a skill that is not as common as previously thought. It is through this skillset that both Renee Le Cussan and Luke Falkner have been able to relay important lessons in understanding different communities, and the wildly different methods of approach that should be taken for each unique circumstance.

Throughout the pandemic, the need for aid and assistance has reached new heights, with governments, aid organizations, and humanitarian foundations attempting to exude as much positive change as possible. Firms like Statt Consulting have had the good fortune of maintaining vital contacts thanks in no small part to their diligent record and learned approach.


As limitations still restrict a lot of movement in areas around the globe, many NGOs and Government organizations have had to scale back their presence in communities and areas that still need assistance. Statt Consulting has been able to further their efforts in establishing contact and assuring cohesive communication between communities and organizations.

Through an extensive and impressive collection of trusted partners and roots in areas that often have otherwise no means of ground support – Statt has been able to fill the gaps left by the restrictions of COVID-19 and utilise established structural support systems and operational capacities to continue their critical and impactful work for these communities.

As the future of a post-COVID world is still understandably hazy, the importance of trusted and effective communication channels and partnerships have allowed Luke Falkner and Renee Le Cussan to continue Statt Consulting’s impressive work at creating a sustainably better world.

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