If the cure for baldness turns out to be true, it will be a great help for the bald people to regain their lost confidence and that too without any surgical procedure.

What is baldness?

Baldness is the loss of hair from the head. It is also referred to as the alopecia. Recent studies are suggestive of the beneficiary effects of a drug for the sufferers of the baldness. The drug is currently employed to treat the brittle bone disease called Osteoporosis.

The Osteoporosis drug proves to be a boon to stimulate the hair growth in follicles. It was observed during the laboratory experiments. The research work finds its way into the journal named Public Library of Science Biology. The research work concluded that the drug actively targets a protein which blocks the hair growth. The drug is yet to find its approval via the clinical trials. The test for the hair growth using the Osteoporosis drug is being tested by a team of the research scholars from Manchester. Earlier, many scientists have researched on various factors necessary for stimulating the hair growth.

Before this, the scientists have worked on the cyclosporine A. It finds its use to prevent the organ rejection in the organ transplant patients. One of the side-effects of the cyclosporine A is the excessive hair growth. However, they decided not to go ahead with its application as a hair growth stimulator owing to its other side effects. Later, they detected that the WAY-316606 is better than other drugs for the hair growth stimulation.

For the research to proceed, more than forty hair transplant patients donated follicles to the Manchester team. The brittle bone drug formulation was administered to the hair follicles for six consecutive days. The research concludes the active switching of the hair follicles to the hair growth phase.

Now the eyes are on the clinical trials of the drug to initiate and conclude as early as possible.