Parents on the search for a certified child care Delahey centre are entitled to understand beforehand what they should expect from these providers prior to the registration process.

Girl Coloring

Couples and single parents alike will arrive to these premises with their own unique interpretations and expectations as to how these facilities should operate.


However, there are universal standards and characteristics that differentiates between the careless and irresponsible operators to those who meet the necessary benchmarks each and every week.


The health and well-being of a young child during those development years are too important to neglect when it comes to the quality of care they receive to overlook the details.


Should you be located around the growing North-West region of Melbourne’s outer suburbs in an area such as Delahey, you will be exposed to a variety of brands and providers in this industry.


Here we will take stock of the identification points that can make it crystal clear who you need to select based on the correct set of criteria.


Social Environment

If you have the benefit of visiting a child care centre in Delahey to examine the facilities, it is worthwhile arriving on a day where the children are present and active. Here you can receive a sense as to the social dynamic of the centre, examining how the play area and the classrooms transition together. This will provide an insight into the tone set by the staff members on hand as it will speak to the freedom, warmth and welcoming of the social space.


Enhances Cognitive Capacity

The formal education process is a facet that can begin in earnest courtesy of a certified child care centre in Delahey. By outlining a series of different programs that will work in line with their age group, the children should be exposed to reading materials, art work, writing activities, sports and active games all within the timeframe of one day. If they can emerge from this period of their life with a basic grasp of early English and mathematical knowledge, they will have an advantage once enrolled in primary school.


Caters To Meal Requirements

The capacity for a child care centre in Delahey to cater to your son or daughter for dietary requirements could be a criteria factor that is high on the agenda, low down the list or non existent. It is entirely circumstantial.


Having that versatility on hand should your child be diagnosed with an allergy or an aversion to a particular type of food, then that will be a major benefit and resource to rely upon. Across the board there needs to be meals offered that are fresh and healthy without including a high degree of fats, sugars or preservatives.


Offering Consistent Safe Care

A quality child care centre in Delahey will be able to operate as the parents are safe in the knowledge that the professionals and caregivers are present throughout the day. By functioning with care and safety to illustrate the worth of their license, they will demonstrate that they are working in line with city, state and national compliances.


One of the means in which parents can test this particular gauge occurs via inspections. Should examples of these inspections be found within a recent timeframe, that report will offer the most insightful window into the practices and standards of the provider, a document that will be sourced from an impartial and reputable party.



A child care centre in Delahey should be able to meet three central criteria points to pass your initial test – to be safe, to be educational and to provide a free and social environment. If they can take the extra step to cater to specific meal plans, then that should be considered a bonus. This is an important period for your son or daughter in their developmental phase and choosing a centre that meets your standards will take some initial due diligence.