Erica Russo
Erica Russo

As an intuitive coach, Erica Russo has an important role to play in the lives of her clients. Gifted with psychic and mediumship abilities, she utilizes guidance from the universe to advise people on their personal growth and to help them overcome any hardships that they may be facing. Both her one on one and group sessions have transformed lives and allowed people to get in touch with their own intuitive abilities.

Erica Russo had known she had psychic abilities throughout her life. She decided to dedicate her time to refining these and channeling them so that she could help her community. In 2018 she began to offer spiritual readings but quickly discovered that these sessions had transformed into coaching sessions rather than simple readings. She decided to embrace this and now offers spiritual and personal mentoring to a variety of different people.

When working with Erica Russo you can always expect the unexpected. Her services work by her setting intentions for Spirit and the universe to speak through you during your session. She is then able to understand your situation, providing a safe space for you to vent and heal. She uses her skills to give you advice and guide you so that you may grow.

Within her services, Erica also provides her clients the opportunity to enhance their own psychic abilities. She believes that everyone experiences psychic moments in their lives and that if people are willing to embrace these, they too can understand the significance of psychic abilities.

Erica Russo offers a range of mentoring services including 1 on 1 coaching packages, a mastermind, online courses, and a monthly membership called the Intuitive Life Society. All of these services have helped countless people experience both personal and spiritual growth. Erica’s website also has a range of useful resources for people searching for a deeper connection to their own abilities.

The mentoring services that Erica Russo provides have solidified her place as one of the most caring and talented psychic mediums. Her continuous efforts towards spirituality allow her to refine her gifts further and to foster personal growth in every single client that she mentors.

You can follow Erica Russo at: or social media: Instagram @intuitivelifestyleco ; TikTok @intuitivelifestyleco, YouTube here or on Facebook @intuitivelifestylecompany