The states along the East Coast are shattered by an outbreak of the Salmonella. Nearly two hundred and seven eggs have been recalled from the market due to the Salmonella outbreak.

Statistics are suggestive of the fact that the approximately three dozen of the natives in these states are the victims of Salmonella attack. The number of the victim can even be more. The outbreak of the Salmonella is suspected to emerge from a single egg producer. It has led to eleven hospitalizations. Fortunately, no deaths have been reported yet.

Immediately after the Salmonella outbreak, an investigational team made its way in the Hyde County, in northern California. The Rose Acre Farms is a family managed business which produces nearly 2.3 million of eggs from the three million hens in a day. These eggs then find their way to the markets of Colorado, Virginia, New Jersey, New York, Carolinas, and Pennsylvania.

The chief operating officer of the Rose Acre Farms in a statement to the Indianapolis Star has apologized for falling short of the FDA standards. As per the report of the Star, now the Rose Acre Farm has employed a Corporate Sanitation Officer to ensure the hygiene of the place.

The current eggs recall the largest since 2010. Earlier, the year 2010 witnessed a similar outbreak of the Salmonella through the eggs. The Iowa farms marketed the eggs. The outbreak sickened nearly one thousand and five hundred people. The 2010 outbreak led to the recall of more than five hundred million of the eggs.

As per the inputs from the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, Salmonella is the sole cause of about 1.2 million illness within the frontiers of the United States alone. Such a massive no. of diseases gives rise to the twenty-three thousand hospitalizations. It also procures a total of approximately four hundred and fifty deaths.