New research suggests a treatment that could destroy the cancerous cells without altering the normal functioning of the healthy cells of the body. A group of the research scholars from the Cardiff University accomplished the research study. The study involves training the respiratory virus which in turn recognizes ovarian cancer. Once identified, the trained respiratory virus possesses the caliber to destroy the cancerous cells that give rise to ovarian cancer without affecting the other cells.

It even unveils the beneficiary effects of the reprogrammed virus as a part of the treatment regime to treat the breast cancer, pancreatic cancers, lung cancers, and the oral cancers.

Dr. Alan Parker says, “Reprogrammed viruses are already being used in gene therapy procedures to treat a range of diseases, demonstrating they can be trained from being life-threatening into potentially lifesaving agents. In cancer treatment up until now reprogrammed viruses have not been able to recognize only the cancer cells selectively and would also infect healthy cells, resulting in unwanted side effects.” Dr. Alan Parker hails from the Cardiff University’s School of Medicine.

The study involves a common and well-studied virus. The researchers wholly redesigned the virus. Now the virus finds difficulty in attaching to the non-cancerous cells. Instead of the non-cancerous cells, the virus searches for the specific market protein. The name of this specific marker protein is αvβ6 integrin. It is specific to certain types of the cancerous cells.

As soon as the virus enters the cancer cell, it makes use of the cell machinery. The use of the cell’s machinery facilitates it to replicate and give rise to thousands of copies of itself. Once it replicates, it accomplishes the further process of cell bursting and destruction. The newly generated viral copies then infect the cancerous cells in its vicinity. The same viral cycle repeats itself. Finally, the tumor mass is removed.

As an additional benefit to the body, the reprogrammed virus also leads to the activation of body’s natural immunity. It further assists in recognition and the destruction of the malignant tumor cells.

The reprogrammed virus is the representative of the Adenovirus. The Adenovirus is the respiratory viruses which are easily manipulative and have already been deployed for the cancer treatment.