Since two years, astronomers have been investing a lot in search of a Planet Nine. It is presumed that the Planet Nine is a world which is about ten times the mass of our planet Earth. However, it seems that the Planet Nine discovery requires more input from the astronomers.

Somewhere in the second half of May, an international team of researchers exhibited the evidence for the presence of Planet Nine. According to these findings, the Planet Nine marks its appearance at the fringes of our solar system. It is being said that the evidence followed the analysis of an oddball object in the outer solar system. The oddball object is known as 2015 BP519. The computer models have predicted the unusual orbits of 2015 BP519 aka Caju. These computer models are in use by the astronomers involved in search of Planet Nine since the year 2016.

The American Astronomical Society Meeting held between June 3-7 2018 presents the evidence from the research study of a team led by Ann-Marie Madigan. The Meeting was concluded in Denver. The Ann-Marie Madigan led team’s statement is as follows:

Bumper car-like interactions at the edges of our solar system – and not a mysterious ninth planet – may explain the dynamics of strange bodies called “detached objects.”

The new study of Madigan and her colleagues Jacob Fleisig and Alexander Zderic carefully focused on the orbits of some objects. For example, they concentrate on a 90377 Sedna’s orbits. The 90377 Sedna represents a smaller outer solar system body. It orbits around the sun from a distance of about eight billion miles. The eight billion miles corresponds to approximately thirteen billion kilometers. The strange orbits of such objects raised the curiosity of astronomers like Mike Brown and Konstanin Batygin to propose the presence of Planet Nine.

The pioneers of the proposal presenters for the presence of Planet Nine were the astronomers from Caltech. These astronomers laid the foundation for the Planet Nine existence in the year 2016. Since then, other astronomers are in search of it. Unfortunately, the Planet Nine discovery remains under the curtain.