The traditional Laguiole Knife can be traced back over two hundred years to its initial conception. Originally crafted in the French “City Of Knives” Thiers by Jean-Pierre Calmels, the knife carries a heavy tradition and story that’s woven naturally into the essence of French culture.

Like any traditional blade, there are no shortage of counterfeits that awash the market, regardless of the origin of the original piece. For instance, samurai swords have been markedly forged for centuries and still garner a high selling price to the unfortunate bidders who fall for their spells.

The Authentic Touch

Fred Perret
Fred Perret

For every crop of forgeries looking to make a quick buck – there’s a traditionalist like Fred Perret. His company Laguiole French Knives has become a stark reminder of the dedication and honesty that can go into creating works of art under a labor of love. Growing up in France, he was exposed to the traditionalist ideals very early on and had first-hand experience as to the grade and historical importance that was carried in the knife.

His company was founded as a response to the rising and burgeoning market of falsified copycats that exist online. While the name ‘Laguiole’ is now in the public domain, this has invited those who are not crafting the knives in a traditional and meaningful manner to cash in on the nostalgia. Sadly, business is booming.

The Shadow Of Online Forgeries

The reason that so many fakes are flooding the market without issue is mostly due to the advent of internet spending, and the issues that have since cropped as a result. The look can be replicated or even forged online to a certain extent. Oftentimes you’ll find a website selling these forged copies to have no returns policy and very little detail as to the creation process.

Fred Perret and his team of craftsmen were tired of seeing these flooding the market and besmirching the Laguiole moniker. His dedication has been resoundingly successful in keeping the traditional alive, with a heavy focus on the materials and classic aesthetic. He’s since branched into more utensils and more personalized riffs of the concept while maintain the most important aspect that separates his from the forgeries – the process.

Where Next?

One always wonders where a creative will endeavor to go next, for Fred, who is based in France, it’s certainly a waiting game as the pandemic continues to ravage. The importance of quality has never been lost, and in all interviews we have found him to be primarily focused on the process at hand and keeping the traditions burning bright in lieu of soaring profits is a laudable one to say the least.

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