Tyler Tryhuba
Tyler Tryhuba

The cannabis industry is a growing market with a multitude of opportunities. Taking advantage of these opportunities is Tyler Tryhuba and his business Orgenics Cannabis. Specializing in a high-quality strain of Pineapple Express, the business continues to produce the newest and most exciting cannabis products for its consumers.

Read on to find out more about what makes the business unique and what owner Tyler Tryhuba thinks the future holds for the growing industry.

Welcome Tyler, can you introduce yourself and give us a bit of background on you?

My name is Tyler Tryhuba. I am 26 years old and from Macklin Saskatchewan. I grew up in Macklin and moved to Edmonton Alberta right after high school to attend Concordia University and then NAIT.

My first year in Edmonton, I started my first business; a pub crawl company called YEG Pub Crawls. Just over a year after, I started my first management position at Knoxville’s Tavern as the marketing manager. After three months at Knoxville’s, I started my own country music promotion company Tryhuba Entertainment and accepted the marketing management position at a Nightclub/Event Center called The Ranch Roadhouse. I remained at The Ranch for two years then moved back home to Macklin to work in the oilfield.

How did you become interested in the cannabis industry?

I first became interested in the cannabis industry as an investor during legalization in early 2018. I was trading the cannabis companies listed on the TSX. My trading interest in the cannabis sector sparked my interest in the industry but once I started researching and growing the cannabis plant it almost instantly became my passion.

What motivated you to start Orgenics Cannabis?

While completing the last few classes of my post-secondary education online, I moved back home to Macklin Saskatchewan to pay off my student debt by checking oil wells. I was listening to a shareholders meeting for one of my cannabis stocks while sitting on my only lease with a gen-set (a natural gas generator). One of the shareholders mentioned how high electricity costs were to grow cannabis. I was intrigued by the comment as it inspired the idea of utilizing a natural gas generator to power a facility. At first, I thought I was on to something huge.  My calculations showed this would cut costs making the cultivation process more profitable. Long story short, I found out about commercial power rates and the genset idea was not as economical as I first thought.  That is where the company name, Orgenics, comes from.  A play on words of the nutrient line I was using on my personal plants “BioOrganics” and Genset.

What kind of products exactly do you sell?

Right now, we are focused on our strain Pineapple Express. We are working with our processing partners “Freedom Cannabis” in bringing two dry flower products to market; a 3.5-gram container and a 3 x 0.5gram pack of pre-rolls.

Can you tell us more about Pineapple Express? What is unique about it?

Regarding lineage, our Pineapple Express comes from the sativa landrace strain, Hawaiian, and the hybrid strain, Trainwreck. Our phenotype shows more of a sativa dominance so it would be called a sativa dominant hybrid. My interest in the Pineapple Express strain was inspired from the famous movie “Pineapple Express” that James Franco and Seth Rogan starred in back in 2008. Once I grew my first plant, I knew I had something special. Being a sativa dominant hybrid, it has a very short flowering period of roughly 56 days. What makes our Pineapple Express so special though, is the effects consumers experience. It is perfect for social settings with highly reported effects of laughter, happiness, creativity, focus and energy. My friends and I can back up these reported effects.

How can consumers know that the products they are receiving are premium quality?

Currently people in procurement positions are putting higher price points on strains with high THC percentage. However, it is not only THC that is responsible for the effects of cannabis. The terpenes produced by the strains are also responsible for the different experience users gain from each strain. There are more obvious physical characteristics buyers can look for to determine quality. Stems and leaves attached to the buds can be representative of a lower quality product or packaging process. Curing methods along with microbial, pesticide, and heavy metal counts are the highest reflection on true premium quality. Curing cannabis is what allows the flower to break down chlorophyll as well as recover terpenes. If this stage is skipped or even shortened, you will have a harsher product. Microbial, heavy metal and pesticide counts represent how safe the product is for the consumers health.

At Orgenics Cannabis, we have a strict sanitation program paired with intense air purification that includes: Multiple UVC and plasma purification standalone units along with closed loop growing chambers that are equipped with UVC lighting, merv 11 HEPA and carbon filters. These strict protocols ensure our products are consistently safe. As of right now no microbials, heavy metals, or pesticides have been detected in our Health Canada accredited labs tests!

How do you think attitudes towards cannabis use are changing?

Recently, the attitudes towards cannabis use have drastically changed in a positive direction, favoring it’s use for both medical and recreational purposes. Legalization has shed a lot of light on the false presumptions of the “devil’s lettuce”. Especially when consumers compare it to other legalized substances used for recreation.

Finally, what do you think the future holds for the cannabis industry?

In my opinion, the cannabis industry has a high degree of potential. There are lots of untapped markets that are slowly legalizing, as we just watched in Mexico and hopefully soon, the United States. Besides the potential of a higher consumer base, there are many different products to be brought to market and still a lot of research to be done on the medicinal uses of each cannabinoid, terpene and cannaflavins. I am very excited to see what the future brings to this blooming industry.

Thank you Tyler for your time!
You can follow up with Tyler Tryhuba at https://orgenicscannabis.com