Israel says this is an answer to the Iranian rocket attacks that were made on their military bases. Israel says that the Iranian Revolutionary Guards had rocketed Israeli soldiers at Golan Heights. Israeli Defense Services has said that in response to this, they have dropped bombs at Iran’s weapons store, missile launcher base and other military bases in Syria. Syria’s air defense system has also been targeted.

Syrian government agency, SANA has said that some missiles of Israel have been intercepted. According to SANA, two missiles have been dropped in Damascus’s Tigers area and two civilians have been killed in the blasts.

But a British-based Syrian human rights organization has said that the missile has fallen to the base of weapons, in which 15 government-backed fighters have been killed.

According to the institution, there are eight members of Iran’s powerful Revolutionary Guard and many non-Syrian citizens were died. Israel has not given any statement on these. But it has been repeated that they will not allow Iran’s make their bases in Syria.

Afghanistan and Yemen

Iran is supported by Syria and has deployed hundreds of soldiers there. Many members of Lebanon’s Hezbollah fight not only in Syria but in Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen. Iran gives arms, training and financial assistance to all of them.

People in Damascus have heard many blasts in the city. Israel has said that after the attack all the airplanes have returned safely. Israel has made it clear that Iran will not allow the danger to rise in Syria anytime.