London is the harboring ground for the toxic caterpillars which gives rise to the Asthma Attacks. The experts now signal an alarming red light to notify the global citizens about the spread of the poisonous caterpillars beyond the frontiers of London.

It is the larvae of the oak processionary moths that are the root causative agents of numerous health problems. The oak processionary moths are well-known to shed off their toxic hairs when they experience enormous stress. It can give rise to the skin and the eye irritation. Additionally, it may even cause sore throat problems and difficulty in breathing.

It is believed that the toxic caterpillars were accidentally introduced in the year 2005. It from the Southern Europe, when the live oak plants of Southern Europe carried the caterpillar eggs along with them.

In Europe, the poisonous bug number is kept low as it has predators to feed on them. The situation in the United Kingdom has a high initiative undertaken to keep the number low. In lieu of the active measures, the poisonous bugs have been successful in making their way out of the M25.
The officials are treating the oak trees in the Richmond. It is known to be the place where the bugs are found in large numbers. However, the efforts to chop off the entire population went in vain.

The experts ear the global citizens to restrict themselves from touching those poisonous bugs. If at all, they come in contact with the bugs and develop symptoms of the allergic reactions, they should immediately visit the hospital and seek medical assistance.

Besides humans, the toxic caterpillars are also harmful to the oak trees of England. It is owing to the predatory nature of the poisonous caterpillars. They feed on the oak trees, and the larger population can even leave the tree bare. It makes the tree vulnerable to different threats.