Now we can say that the world is focusing on the reducing wastes. A waste and resource management company in the United Kingdom urges, “All packaging sold in the UK should have to be 50% recycled by 2025 to encourage manufacturers to ‘harvest’ rubbish from consumers.”

Suez said, “And a ‘pay-as-you-throw’ system for household black bin rubbish should be phased in by 2030 as part of a ‘revolution’ in boosting recycling and efficient use of materials.” In addition to this, Suez predicts that if the processes of product usage and recycling are improved, it will generate a sum of £9 billion for the economy.

This call follows a poll survey. A quarter of the people who participated in the poll feel that the sandwich packaging or the fast food containers are the sole contributors of the litter waste. Almost eighteen percent of the poll participants think that the crisp packet and the sweet wrappers are the cause of entire waste scenario. Instead of this, about fourteen percent of the poll participants blame plastic bottles for being the cause of the waste.

The YouGov in Suez organized the public poll to address the growing concerns of waste pollution. The YouGov is a firm, which trust its proposal to tackle the waste problem in the Suez.

The proposal of the YouGov is inclusive of the following:

  1. Taxes that are levied on the manufacturers. Such taxes force the manufacturers to increase the recyclable product content in their packaging.
  2. A “Deposit Return Scheme” framed to reduce the wastes for the plastic drink bottles and the cans.
  3. Better design of the packaging materials.

All the above proposals are meant to eliminate “on the go” litter causes which terminate in polluting the seas.

The company’s manifesto on waste cutting and material reuse aims for the introduction of the bins. These bins are equipped with the microchips. The ultimate desire of the Suez is that the producers should emphasize more on the product collection and its recycling.

Let us all hope that their waste reduction proposal might bring a massive global impact and that too in a positive direction.