The preparation that goes into a marriage ceremony is enormous. Some people say you need to start planning 16 months before the date, while others will argue that at least 250 hours of preparation goes into planning a ceremony. While it may seem like an unimportant part of your event, making sure that your wedding cards are the best for you and your partner could go a long way in guaranteeing a fun, stress-free and memorable day! So, let’s take a look at the following tips that could help you choose the right wedding cards for you.



Before you even consider the various wedding cards available, you need to decide what type of marriage ceremony you want. Do you want a modern ceremony or something a little more traditional? Will you be having a particular theme, perhaps a specific time period or location? You need to understand what you envision your ceremony to be and then choose marriage invitations based off that.  You want to create a seamless impression on your guests in order to build excitement, while also letting them know what style of ceremony to be prepared for.

You can experiment with any style you want – because it’s your special day! Just remember, however, that your invitations need to reflect this, particularly if you’re opting for a funkier, unique wedding theme.


Keep it simple

With all the various styles and colours, you can sometimes get a little carried away when designing or choosing your wedding cards. You don’t want to bog down all the key information like the venue and date with pretty pictures and vivid colours. Your information needs to be legible and concise. Don’t overcrowd the invitation with unnecessary information, pictures or colours. Sometimes, the most simple marriage invitation is the best.


Don’t leave it too late

The worst thing you can do is to start planning your ceremony way too late. This just causes more stress and anxiety. On top of this, printing your wedding cards can take time, particularly if they are custom made. You also want to give your guests plenty of time to prepare and organize travel arrangements if they are coming from far away, or alternatively, if you’re hosting the event in an isolated location. Make sure you order your invitations at least four to five months before the date, ensuring that more of your guests will be available for your big day!


Always order a few extra

If you choose to physically mail out your marriage invitations, there is always a chance that some may become damaged or lost in the mail. Because of this, it is essential that you have a few extra invitations up your sleeve, in case they don’t make it to their required destination. You might also find that several of your guests are unable to come for whatever reason, meaning you suddenly have a few spare spots of seating. Send out a new round of wedding cards when it is clear you have more room for guests!


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Proof read

It may seem obvious, but it is so important that you proof read all your wedding cards before they are mailed out! It can be really embarrassing if you send out an invitation that is littered with spelling mistakes or incorrect information. It doesn’t matter how nice your wedding cards look. Having said this, you’ve probably read your invitations hundreds of times, so it can be hard to spot errors when you’ve constantly overlooked them. Instead, ask a friend or family member to give your invitations a quick read before they get mailed out!