Rocket Club

Rocket Club, the virtual Math & Career Discovery program for kids, brings together hundreds of the brightest young minds, aged 7 to 14, from across the United States. This fall, the exclusive after-school program is opening 20 new memberships, to eager, aspiring young innovators.

Application Process:

  • Parents of applicants are required to set up a call with an admissions officer before their child can apply. To set up a call use this link:
  • Applicants must be 7-14 years old
  • Applications will be considered on a rolling basis
  • Applications will be responded to within 1 month of submission
  • Children can apply 1x every 6 months

Certifications and the Hall of Fame

The goal of Rocket Club is to earn Certifications each month and build a Rocket Club resume. A Certification ensures retention of each month’s topic. It takes 24 Certifications to become Series A Certified, a feat that just over 250 members across the country have achieved, joining the Hall of Fame. Steve Wozniak, Co-Founder of Apple, spoke to the first Rocket Club Certified members in the video here:

Accepted Members Pick A Major and Build a Custom Resume:

Option 1: Math Enrichment

Rocket Club Math’s Founder & CEO Alex Hodara believes that people decide if they are “good at math” and if they “like math” as early as 4-years-old. He developed his love of math at a very early age, when his dad got him involved in a fantasy baseball league. Alex, a passionate baseball fan from an early age, didn’t realize he was learning math as he added homeruns of his favorite hitters together or figured out what the ERA, WHIP, or winning percentage of his favorite pitchers.

Rocket Club Math finds a way to make sure every student creates a love for math at an early age. They have been able to accomplish this feat by tailoring curriculum to students’ real world interests, creating healthy competitions, offering interactive experiences through immersive worlds that includes storytelling and characters, facilitating a monthly Certification system to push students to “level up”, and offering a reward system where students can cash out “Rocket Fuel” for prizes. You’d think Rocket Club Math students were at Disney World based on how excited they are for this math tutoring.

Before joining, Rocket Club conducts a 1 on 1 math diagnostic to figure out each student’s strengths and weaknesses so they can build a custom curriculum and educational trajectory.

Our favorite parent quote about this program: “I am shocked that my son willingly goes to hours of additional math enrichment every week without complaint. Kudos to you and your team for cracking this formula.”

Option 2: Career Discovery

What does your child want to be when they grow up? The Career Discovery program helps children answer this question by diving deep into a new industry each month. Industries have included: The Stock Market, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, The Universe and Rocket Science, Climate Science, Entrepreneurship, and Robotics. Each member builds their own resume as they earn Certifications each month, which you can see here:

Our favorite parent quote about the program: “I wanted to thank you for helping me think more about how to encourage my son and not squelch his ideas. Both of my kids have gotten so much out of Rocket Club. It has been a place where no matter what is going on in the world, they have been able to go, be seen, and heard. Their voices and thoughts mattered in the classroom space. Thank you to you for starting Rocket Club.

Rocket Club Member Success Stories


Academy members collaborated to develop and launch a unique lemonade business, “Astronade”. These young entrepreneurs pitched their branding and business strategies to Netflix’s Founder and secured funding. They are still making sales today!

The World’s First Robotic Lemonade Stand

Academy innovators built the world’s first robotic lemonade stand revolutionizing a traditional childhood experience. Their ingenuity showcased proficiency in a technical curriculum and established them as the future trailblazers in technology.

Annabelle on Good Morning America

8 year old Academy member and entrepreneur Annabelle had her business featured on “Good Morning America”. Her stop motion company “Stop n Love” gained attention from Bobbi Brown, Gooslings, and others.

Aidan on Britain’s Got Talent

Academy member and magician Aidan showcased his skills on Britain’s Got Talent! Showcasing EQ skills and confidence gained at Rocket Club Academy, he charmed the judges.