The role of the digital marketing manager was so niche at the turn of the decade, there would have been few organisations that would have created a position within that category.

Such was the dominance of television, radio and print advertising from traditional outlets, digital marketing was viewed as a luxury exercise that only the elite could engage in.

Today in the diverse and evolving landscape that is commerce in 2018, this is a role that has garnered more prestige and appreciation by a reputable digital marketing agency attempting to earn their own online recognition.

Given the importance of this spot, it is worthwhile understanding the characteristics and values that pertain to the role.

Managers must oversee their department with clarity, authority and a personal touch that allows for open questioning and interpretation of ideas.

To foster that environment within a company, your business needs an individual who embodies all of those qualities.

Here we will analyse the core skills that stipulates the role of the digital marketing manager, a practice that demands a wide comprehension of the theories and techniques implemented by successful enterprises.

Understanding Mobile

The role of a digital marketing manager requires proactive measures to be taken to ensure that a business remains viable and relevant to consumers. When recent studies illustrate that more users engage with online content through their smartphone than on competing devices, then that area of expertise will be tested.

To have an intrinsic grounding into the demographic and their behaviours on Apple, Samsung and Blackberry mobiles is paramount. This is a facet that is not about the distant future, but about the immediate present right here today.

Mastering Social Media

Social media has transitioned into an all-encompassing activity that ties into your grander strategy at play. Any legitimate digital marketing manager that has ambitions of mastering the online landscape will embrace each and every app that garners traffic and responses from their members. From Facebook to Instagram, Twitter to YouTube and Snapchat to LinkedIn, these are portals and forums that require their own unique practices to generate traffic and obtain impressions.

Skilled At PPC

The activity of pay-per click (PPC) is a direct response to combat the elongated exercise that is SEO. Whereas that facet accumulates months of graft and persistence before search engines recognise the implementation, a digital marketing manager should be savvy enough to incorporate targeted paid online adverts. With Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google all allowing for paid spots to be administered by brands wanting to invest in visibility, this is a field that a manager of digital marketing should embrace.

Skilled At SEO

Optimising search engine performance is a fundamental requirement that a digital marketing manager has to master. There is no wiggle room in this department for a lax attitude or an oversight on the details because that would derail all other efforts in this field. By driving content that is keyword specific and easily consumable, managers must produce a project that builds towards a high standing across each and every relevant search term. All other practices are byproducts of a successful SEO endeavour.

Making Video Content Go Viral

Video is proven to the best driver of clicks and keeping consumers on your website longer than any other multimedia form. An expert in the position of a digital marketing manager with the authority to carry out projects should place video at the top of their agenda when broadcasting a brand message, creating new ways of attracting the eye and enticing potential consumers into the fold.

Careers often change paths and individuals evolve and develop their skills over time. You might not believe that you have the merits to take on a digital marketing manager position today, but given life experience and educational courses that provide background in the commercial sector, you could be in a position to climb the ladder. Those five core skills will provide the starting point to begin your ascension to this role.