Lorenzo Sandoval

Martial arts have the ability to teach you a range of skills. While self-defence is an obvious one, there are also a range of life skills to be learnt through the discipline. Lorenzo Sandoval has trained in Karate since his childhood and eventually committed to sharing his passion through opening his school “Ageless Martial Arts”. With a focus on encouraging students to challenge themselves and pushing them to allow them to reinvent themselves for the better through karate, the school has become greatly successful. With a range of programs to choose from and a welcoming environment for beginners of all ages, the school’s reputation for creating a sense of family is well-deserved.

Lorenzo Sandoval is the Sensei of Ageless Martial Arts. The leader who developed the school and continues to build its reputation each day. With a family lineage of experienced Karate masters, it’s no surprise that Lorenzo’s aptitude for martial arts began to develop at a young age. Inspired by his uncle and the Anime characters that he watched on TV, Lorenzo spent his teen years training for hours every day to perfect his craft. After beginning his teaching journey at the local rec center, Lorenzo gradually developed a reputation for himself and gathered the resources to open his own school to share his passion for Karate with the Las Vegas community. The school teaches a form of martial arts called “Shotokan Karate” and welcomes students of all ages to transform their lives through the discipline. The style focuses on counter attacks and defences with a wide stance and linear movements. It is practiced by millions around the world and is a popular method of self-defence.

Martial Arts with Lorenzo Sandoval

On top of being useful for building your strength and skill and for protecting yourself and others, Karate can teach you numerous life skills. Lorenzo Sandoval highlights that the key value of Karate is respect. Learning respect for yourself and respect for others is highly important in the classroom as it creates a safe environment in which students can grow and learn. As it is an intricate art that requires a lot of time and training, it is also able to teach people discipline and commitment which is a crucial skill to learn in all areas of your life. Lorenzo also notes that learning Karate has given him a great deal of confidence. He says that it teaches you to try everything without fear and be confident in the fact that you are able to handle yourself with composure and dignity.

The school is based around the symbolism of the phoenix, hence the name “Ageless Karate”. The phoenix is a symbol of rebirth and continuously bouncing back from challenges to emerge stronger. The phoenix never dies which in turn makes it ageless. At Ageless Martial Arts, you will be encouraged to keep pushing yourself. To pick yourself up from your failures and reshape yourself to be better. This fundamental teaching and the values that come with it are why Lorenzo Sandoval and his school have become renowned for transforming people’s lives.

Lorenzo Sandoval and his school