It seems that NFTs are here to stay, at least that’s what fintech company DaFIN is hedging. The growing and industry-leading fintech company is no stranger to the space, and recently threw their hat into the ring with an MOU signing with the Changedok Collection and Miracle City Gallery.

This is one of the instrumental steps for the fintech company to garner some more lucrative partnerships and contracts with creators as well as opening its signature marketplace for NFTs that will assuredly change the way the world trades in the metaverse and beyond.

DaFIN & The Current Marketplace

Where it was once a meme to even think about, the NFT market has steadily grown out of its infancy and into a fully-fledged moneymaker – it’s no longer just about the apes. In fact, it is more a certified copy of registration for digital assets and are quite useful in the realms of digital art, digital real estate, game items etc. NFTs can even be used for offline work transactions of ownership thanks to the utility of blockchain technology allowing proof of ownership to be established.

Even with the exponential growth of the market in recent years, DaFIN is still keeping a steady eye on the current landscape.

As they’ve mentioned already: “In order for the NFT market to be established as an industry, institutional mechanisms, investor protection, and technical stability measures are important. However, above all, considering the life cycle of the work, the fairness and transparency of the creation, storage, distribution, authenticity, and appraisal system should be secured as much as possible.”

The Future With DaFIN

Having a look at the current marketplace for NFTs, you’d be remiss if you didn’t see a whole lot of information attached – one can see the transactional price and some information on the owner of several work images, but not as much about things like price rationality and workability.

DaFIN will be generating and marketing NFTs based on a number of factors including authenticity of the artwork itself, certificate of ownership, purchase history, even the storage certificate. It will also be connected with its fintech services to collect the entire process, including the transaction activities.

Not being afraid of growth, DaFIN signed the aforementioned MOU to expand its access to collections as well as promote the various NFT marketplaces and assuage a more stable marketplace across the board as the industry continues to grow.

The fintech giant is also promoting contracts on the safe storage of artworks as well as expanding their ever-growing collection of partnerships with creators and gallery owners both here and abroad as well as various auctioning services to boost sales.

Any asset secured with DaFIN will be through a true NFT marketplace and DaFIN fintech services are anticipated to coincide with the impending release of “DaFIN App2.0”.