Yes! The efforts of Hawaii points towards the positivity of going carbon neutral by the year 2045. Hawaii comes up with a law to emphasizing on reducing the carbon emissions from climbing. It is because of making the Hawaii state to stand as a carbon neutral state by the year 2045.

More and more focus of the global scientists and researchers is concentrated towards studying the consequences of climate change. Also, they are analyzing different possibilities to overcome the same. The various options to rule out the harmful effects of the climate changes include geoengineering, mitigation, and adaptation. In spite of the stringent efforts involved, everyone desires to wipe out the carbon emissions.

The Paris Agreement states, “by the second half of this century there needs to be a balance between anthropogenic sources and removal by sinks of greenhouse gases.” Almost every nation across the globe signed the Paris Agreement. In short, one can say that the Paris Agreement urges the world to go carbon neutral to maintain the sustainable nature of the environment.

Emphasizing the principles of the Paris Agreement, the following regions aim to go carbon neutral.

The Maldives aims to stand carbon neutral by the year 2020. In a similar fashion Costa Rica, Norway, Iceland, Sweden and New Zealand intend to hold as carbon neutral by the years 2021, 2030, 2040, 2045, and 2050 respectively. The rise in the sea levels is threatening the Maldives, which they are involved in building artificial islands for their people’s accommodation.

The legislation of Hawaii alarms about nineteen billion dollars of damage if nothing is done to chop off the global carbon emissions. In place of the mentioned places, other countries like the United Kingdom have laws formulated which focuses on reducing about eighty percent of the carbon emissions by the year 2050.