The entire astronomer’s community is surprised with the mind-blowing phenomenon of a stellar body being eaten up by a black hole. This has happened for the first time that such a mesmerizing aspect is available over the internet for others to watch.

For the first time, the astronomers were successful in watching the formation and expansion of a jet of materials being thrown out by a supermassive black hole. This phenomenon occurs when the supermassive blackhole engulfs a celestial star and tears it apart into discrete pieces.

To watch this fantastic event, astronomers used the specially crafted telescopes. These telescopes have received their share of training on colliding galaxies. The colliding galaxies are collectively called as the Arp 299. Such galaxies are present at a distance of about one hundred and fifty light years from our planet.

One of those galaxies had a star art its focal point. The size of the star was about twice the size of Sun. This star made its way to being close to the black hole. The size of this black hole is approximately twenty million times the size of our Sun. As soon as the star reached within the proximity of the supermassive black hole, it was shredded into discrete pieces across the universe. Thus, the entire scenario resembled a blast.

This is the blast which the astronomer’s fraternity witnessed the first time. Miguel Perez-Torres conveyed, “Never before have we been able to directly observe the formation and evolution of a jet from one of these events.” Miguel Perez-Torres hails from the Astrophysical Institute of Andalusia in Granada.