Ground equipment caused trouble when it was used for testing of the 10 Iridium communications satellites. It has now delayed the launch of Falcon 9 by 24-hour. SpaceX Falcon 9 will be now launched from the Vandenberg Air Force Base at 7.14 A.M.

The problem in the Falcon 9 launch
Matt Desch, Iridium chief executive, said while preparing the satellites for launch, the ground crews discovered a problem with the ground equipment. The initial decision was to launch Falcon 9 on Saturday. However, further investigations revealed that the launch could be successfully done on Friday.

Desch tweeted that a minor problem was there with the communication harnesses and it has been fixed now. He confirmed that the satellites and F9 are in great shape. He congratulated the team for resolving the issue at such a quick pace. Desch has been giving a constant update about the launch procedure in Twitter.

A first stage which was previously used to launch ten Iridium satellites will be used again to make the launch on Friday. The engineers have already done the countdown rehearsal for the launch.

What’s next?
Iridium has invested $3 billion in the new-generation system. It has purchased 81 satellites in a partnership which was made between Thales Alenia Space and Orbital ARK. SpaceX will be launching other satellites again on 2md April from Cape Canaveral. The mission will be again accomplished by doing the launch from the Falcon 9 first stage.