Dale Winton is known for his shows like Dale’s Supermarket Sweep, the National Lottery, In It to Win It, and Hole in the Wall series. His long-term agent Jan Kennedy reported that Winton had died at his home earlier on 18 April 2018.

In his early life, he started Dj’ing in clubs in Richmond. He met Steve Allen, an English radio presenter. He moved to London in 1982 began his career on the London club circuit, he used DJ’d at weekends which led him to United Biscuits Industrial Radio.

Dale Winton television career started in 1987, he was working for Channel 4, Lifestyle Channel and ITV. Winton hosted Dale’s Supermarket Sweep on ITV which was popular between audience from 1993 t0 2000.

He has also released his autobiography in 2002, in which he mentioned about his rise to fame, the suicide of actress mother and coming out of his homosexuality.