Christopher Senekki
Christopher Senekki

Confidence in themselves is something that many men struggle with. One of the ways that men can improve their confidence is through their everyday streetwear, and Christopher Senekki is giving outfit inspiration and free advice through his Instagram page We Style The Street.

With over 100,000 followers and counting, We Style The Street follows Christopher’s personal taste in ‘gentleman’s’ street style. Since his teenage years, Christopher was always inspired by gentleman’s fashion – not just how it looked, but the confidence it exudes.

Having been a men’s fashion enthusiast for over 25 years, Christopher saw an opportunity to use Instagram to inspire others and share his knowledge. Through his page, he shares visual content in the form of photo layouts showing different styles, in tune with what’s in vogue, and what’s most eye-catching.

Christopher categorises his photo layouts in 3 ways, timeless, minimalistic, and bold. When he builds them, he searches for and selects his favourite styles from featured influencers or models who follow a particular trend in men’s street style fashion.

These photo layouts are expertly constructed, each of them featuring outfits that share a common thread in terms of colours, patterns, and clothing styles. Christopher’s main goal is to put together photo layouts that are truly influential and inspiring for his followers.

While Christopher’s audience is diverse, there is a common thread of men who want to get that casual gentleman look without going ‘over the top’. This is why Christopher is active in replying to messages and giving free advice tailored to the individual to find what works best for them.

Christopher runs a monthly challenge on We Style The Street where followers create their own outfits inspired by a photo layout. In this way, Christopher is creating a community around positive self-expression through streetwear for men.